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Zoomatreats is a collaboration between sample-based, folktronic beat smith Blocktreat and avant-funk jazz band Zoomafloome. It began one Thursday night in April 2012, when the crew gathered in the studio for a night of jamming, sound-generating, and general ram-shackling. The purpose of this experiment was to bridge the gap between Zoomafloome's performance-based, stream-of-consciousness take on music making, and Blocktreat's intricately produced, borderline-agoraphobic methods.

After a few hours of Zoom's improvising had been tracked, the material was bounced down into 'stems' (isolated audio tracks for each individual instrument) and loaded into Blocktreat's sampler. After much slicing and processing, these two songs are the end result.


released September 26, 2012

Blocktreat is Brandon Hoffman.
Zoomafloome is Mike Chadwick, Ben Laurence, Chad Matthews, and Leathan Milne.

All music by Zoomafloome and Blocktreat. Produced mixed and mastered by Brandon Hoffman. Engineered by Rob Neumann.

Many thanks to Rob Neumann for the studio time.

Visit blocktreat.ca and myspace.com/zoomafloome



Track Name: Riboflavin
<make up your own>
Track Name: Dietary Fiber
<make up your own>